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Introducing TTC

The Technology College is a new school out of the existing Aflon Digital Academy and Aflon Digital College that were established in 2005. It has become clear that the basic science subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are no longer sufficient for the world of today that is ruled by technological systems. Even the technical subjects such as tailoring, bricklaying, hairdressing, vulcanising, etc have become quite inadequate. We are now in the age that requires digital multi-skills that are based on applied sciences and technology.

The Technical College may therefore be the very first to think of the value of offering of Technological subjects to secondary students in Nigeria. It is obviously better to be late than to be satisfied with the old curriculum that has now become a thing of the past across the world.

Beginning from September, 2018 our school will change and begin to offer Technology subjects to our students on 2 locations in Nigeria. It shall be at Kuje, FCT and Ilesa, Osun State. Our aim is to prepare our students to become a symbol of confidence & expertise so that they could contribute in every sphere at personal and professional front. We are confident that those who are aspiring for a challenging careers will find the right place at the Technical College for preparing themselves with the right kind of skill and aptitude to achieve excellence in various fields of expertise.

I welcome all parents and their children that will become part of our new vision to teach and train based on applied technology subjects. It is a better way to equip our society to be part of the wide world.

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