Subjects of study today

Years ago, the subjects taught in the Secondary Schools of Nigeria were Latin, French, Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, History, Geography. Quite a while later, science subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics were added, especially in the early 60’s. Then came Government, Commerce, and Economics in the 70’s. Since then, not much has changed.

With advances in Sciences and Technology, the subjects taught in secondary level schools have changed quite a lot around the world. This because, the world is now about New Materials, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology. It is quite common now to have Computer Programming, Robotics as part of the subjects being taught to primary school students. Young children have to know far more about the world of technology nowadays, in view of new products and equipment that needs to operated and maintained.

We in Nigeria have lagged behind the rest of the world. All we have been doing is merely talking about change, while doing nothing about it. It is now quite obvious that the mere teaching of basic sciences has become quite inadequate for the new world that is driven by technology.

The Technology College is therefore about practical teaching and learning of skill that will help today’s children fit into the world of today and tomorrow.

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