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About TTC

The Technology College (TTC) is a new kind of secondary school for offering skills-based subjects based on the application of technology. The world is now about technology that is used for daily living: home construction and management, industrial production, transportation and entertainment. We therefore have new subjects: building construction technology; electrical electronics and computer technology; automotive; as well as Multimedia Technologies. These four subjects are now of importance for all children to learn in order to have necessary skills for future success in post-secondary education and in 21st century technical workforce.

TTC is a new kind of school for skills

In addition to basic science subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, TTC students will learn diverse skills needed to establish businesses, be creatively employable or be fully prepared for university education.

The school is another of the Aflon Schools family at Kuje, Abuja. Others are the Aflon Digital Academy and Aflon Digital College. Our standards are being upgraded. Our staff capacities are being rebuild in order to impart better knowledge so that our students will fit better into the work place of the present and of the future.

The new subjects at TTC

Our new approach to offering secondary education is to offer additional subjects in line with our vision for imparting technical skills that are not common in Nigeria. In addition to basic science subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, TTC students will offer the following subjects:

  1. Automotive Technology
  2. Building Construction Technology,
  3. Design & Multimedia Technology, and
  4. Electrical/Electronics & Computer Technology.