Apprenticeship & skills first, then certificates

The main attraction of our education as we have been running it for years is merely to get a certificate. Everyone seeks certificate by whatever means as a means towards getting an office job. We all desire to be in an office with trouser, shirt, tie and jacket; sit from 8.00am and close by 4.00 pm without any plan for doing anything. We just wish for salaries and promotions, despite having no ability to solve any practical problems.

Well, the above kind attitude was good as we had free money from the sale of crude oil, the colour of which very few can describe. But time has changed. We have become many in number. The resources available have reduced drastically. The era of free breakfast, launch and dinner with siesta in the afternoon is fast disappearing. There are now no longer jobs of the kind that we seek and go to prayer mountains for. Never again.

Today and the future is for those with talents, sharpened by skill acquisition training. Those that can work with their hands are now the blessed by God. While those with Degrees in Engineering are daily insulted with offers of N30,000 per month in offices, others who can install tiles or repair and maintain electrical generators readily ask for and get paid N10,000 per day. Those with skills are quite confident to ask for even N100,000 for a few days of practical work.

Certificates are becoming devalued, while those with skills are the kings and queens of the world today. We needs skills and not Certificates.

The Technology College is about offering skills learning to young children at the level of Junior Secondary Class 1. This is a better way for everyone.

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